About Captain Booy

Kitty and Gerrit Booy

Kitty and Gerrit Booy

My grandfather, Gerrit Booy (or Booij), born in 1901, was a Captain in the Dutch Merchant Navy, working for KPM (Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij) and living in the Dutch East Indies when World War II broke out.  He kept a diary, in a series of exercise books, written in Dutch, beginning on 7 December 1941, describing how he felt and what he saw happening around him.  My good friend Jeannette Bysterveldt kindly translated the first of the exercise books.

His first diary was entitled “ODYSSEE D’UN MARIN” (The journey of a mariner) and was dedicated to my grandmother:

Dedicated to Kitty:

“Always when he went away, she would send him away in love with her. So that no matter how far or how long he travelled, there would be only one place to which he’d return – and where she was, there that place would be!”


One thought on “About Captain Booy

  1. Kees Booij

    Hello there!
    This really is great, By chance I stumbled upon your page on the internet! I know your grandpa!
    That is to say, he is my uncle. His brother is my father Kees Booij, born in 1905.
    My name is also Kees Booij, I’m from 1945. This means that we are related! Your parent Booij is my niece or nephew, am I right?
    Hope te get in touch with you, my email adress is: keesbooij47@gmail.com
    Sincerely yours,


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